February 18, 2017

Personal Data Information


Please fulfil to receive the Agreement

Once you will be clear about the country and visa type, our system is going to make all the documents we need to start. What is the best country and type of visa for you?

Are you in United States? 

You seems to be in United States for us, please put the address where you plan to start your visa application. This way we are going to make contact with the right Consulate.

Financial State

Remember that lawyers should keep your info reserved (it is a criminal offense for us to filter any data).

The Financial State is important to establish: A. If you fit under the visa type you are applying. B. To check if you have enough resources to afford your expenses in your visit.

We encourage you to be honest in this step, once you fulfil the form you will receive an agreement. According to the agreement, one of the reasons to finish the it, is to not be honest.

Immigration Authorities are going to ask you for documents that probe your Financial State.

GLOBAL: Approximate amount of money you have (bank, cars, other goods that can be financially valued).

IMMIGRATION: The amount of money you plan to invest in your visit.

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