September 18, 2017

Our Company


Latin-Trust Immigration Lawyers is a Lawyers Network which mission is to offer a wide range of possibilities in the most stable and prosper contries in South America. That way we work in Argentina, Chile and Peru.

We have a Founder (Juan Pablo Guzman), and associated lawyers in each country where we work. We have more than 20 years of experience as Lawyers (average), and our purpose is to become the biggest and best Immigration Office between Middle East, Pakistan, India, and Argentina, Chile and Peru.




Juan Pablo Guzman: Our Founder is an Immigration Lawyer who obtained his Diploma in Chile, and is also allowed to practice law in Argentina and Peru. He is also Bachelor in Military Science form Chilean Army, and Business Masters Degree from Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. He has deep trainning in Personal and Business Coaching in USA, with the worldwide known Coach Anthonny Robbins (UPW New Jersey, Business Mastery Las Vegas; DWD Scottsdale, Life and Wealth Mastery Fiji).

He is fluent in English and Spanish, have been traveling for 46 countries, and he is an experienced immigrant who lived in USA, Colombia and Argentina.


María Jorgelina Ragno: She has a Lawyers Office in Buenos Aires, and she will receive and attend all clients who already arrived to Argentina. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

In her words: “The best from Argentina for people who wants to come from Asia, is the fact that here you can find plenty of business and personal oportunities. In Buenos Aires live more than 12 million people, which means is a perfect place to put a business as restaurants or anything to offer goods directly to people. Our citizenship law allow to become argentinian after having only 2 years of residency, and the application process here is very fast (1-2 month)“.



Hans Senler Trapp: She has a Lawyers Office in Santiago, and she will receive and attend all clients who already arrived to Chile. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

In his words: “Chile is the most stable and prosper country in all Latin America, also is leader in economic, lifestyle, safetiness and corruption standards. The country is a paradise to open a business of import and export of goods. You can have your Permanente Residence only in one year, and the visa process is online and very fast (20-40 days)“.


Gaby Arriola Assiu: She has a Lawyers Office in Lima, and she will receive and attend all clients who already arrived to Peru. She is fluent in Spanish and middle level in English.

In her words: “Peru have been growing in the last 10 years, now we can offer a very stable country where you can develop business and familiar acitivties with the best enviroment. The peruvian law asks for only 2 years of residency, with the posibility to stay only 30-50 days yearly in the country (special permision), that way is the best option for those who are seeking for second passport (allowed to travell 130 other  countries)“.