March 8, 2017

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Special Job Visa Program

Regular Immigration Process



STEP ONE: Questions

What is the best Country and Visa Type for you?. If you are clear, please skip this step. Questions for free in any of our Youtube Videos. If you need faster assistance, that has a costs of usd 100 (online calls and whatsapp chat), you can pay by Paypal, Western Union or Wire Transfer (paypal:



STEP TWO: Documents Signature

Once you will be clear about the country and visa type, our system is going to make all the documents we need. Go to Step TWO. First you have to sign the agreement and put your finger print (you will receive it after fulfilling the online form), and that is the way we start all immigration process.


STEP THREE: Consulate Application

Then we will recieve all your immigration documents (application form, passport copy, criminal record, health certificate, etc.), and we will check all of them to estabish that they are ready. Then we will make personal contact with Consulate Agents to ensure and sponsor your process.



Ask about our process by Whatsapp 54 9 11 2164 2770 – 56 9 5961 0979​