September 17, 2017

Immigration Business Proposal




We are glad to announce that our team, leaded by our Founder Juan Pablo Guzmán, will be travelling through Middle East, Pakistan and India during 16th Nov – 20th Dec. The idea is to increase Latin-Trust Immigration Lawyers presence in these countries, and also give the oportunity for individual costumers and local immigration agents to take advantage of their experience and knowledge.

Our Founder is an Immigration Lawyer who obtained his Diploma in Chile, and is also allowed to practice law in Argentina and Peru. He is also Bachelor in Military Science form Chilean Army, and Business Masters Degree from Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. He has deep trainning in Personal and Business Coaching in USA, with the worldwide known Coach Anthonny Robbins (UPW New Jersey, Business Mastery Las Vegas; DWD Scottsdale, Life and Wealth Mastery Fiji).

He is fluent in English and Spanish, have been traveling for 40 countries (46 after this trip, because he was twice in India before), and he is an experienced immigrant who lived in USA, Colombia and Argentina.

We will be 5 days in each country as the map shows, but we will receive costumers only one of these days (other days are for Consulate Meetings), and we will make Seminars only one of these days.



Benefits: We are offering personal meetings to explain all factors in immigration process to Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru. To show the basics about economy, education, helath and safetiness in each country. The idea is to give all of our knowledge and experience, allowing costumers making the best decision. There are only 8 places available for country.

Location: The meeting will be done in Hotels in Amman, Riyadh, Abu Dabi, Doha, Kuwait, Islamabad and Delhi.

Date: Amman 20th Nov, Riyadh 19th Dec., Abu Dabi 13th Dec., Doha 27th Nov., Kuwait 24th Nov., Islamabad 2nd Dec., Delhi 7th Dec.

Duration: Each meeting will last for 45 munites, during this process we will check also your documents and establish the best strategy to accomplish a succesful immigration application.

Cost: Usd 150 each case/family case/partners (family means parents and their childrens, partners means from same corporation).


Benefits: We are offering 2 hours seminar about advantages of Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru. You can record a video of this seminar and we will allow you to reproduce and make commercial use of it. This is going to position your company as a real international immigration company. There are only 2 places available for country.

Location: The seminars will be done in Hotels in Amman, Riyadh, Abu Dabi, Doha, Kuwait, Islamabad and Delhi.

Date: Amman 17th Nov, Riyadh 17th Dec, Abu Dabi 11th Dec., Doha 27th Nov., Kuwait 23th Nov., Islamabad 01st Dec., Delhi 06th Dec.

Duration: Each Seminar will last for 2 hours, with a break for 15 minutes.

Cost: Usd 1500 for a maximum of 10 participants (if you have more please let us know to arrange location and a fixed cost). You are free to charge any amount of money to participants.


Ask about conditions by Whatsapp 54 9 11 2164 2770 – 56 9 5961 0979​