March 20, 2017

Best Country and Visa Type for Me



IMPORTANT NOTICE: To apply for any kind of residency, you need to establish in advance what type of visa is going to validate your residency. Check all visa requeriments AND ESTABLISH WHICH ONE OF THEM MATCH WITH YOUR PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL SITUACION. We will not establish this for you because we dont know your personal and financial situation.

Here we will remark only the main requirement they will ask you, and you can not avoid.  Go to application pageGo to step Process page

* Job and Student Visa Below
Business Visa USD 100.000 No Minimum USD 30.000 USD 30.000
Income Based Visa FSM USD 2.300 FSM No Minimum FSM USD 3.000 FSM USD 1.000
Professional Visa None BD + PSA + FSM None BD + PSA
FSM: Foreign Source of Money; BD: Bachelor Degree; PSA: Professional School Admittance.
* All countries ask for LABOR CONTRACT SIGNED for Job Visa and EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION ADMITTANCE for Student Visa.

Residence and Citizenship

1. All period in years means at least 180 days in twelve month inside the country. In Peru you can apply for a reduction of residency to stay only 30-60 days yearly.
2. All visa implies Temporary Residence (less Tourist Visa)
3. Temporary Residence period depends of how you are applying and the visa type you have.
4. All Temporary Residence gives you a personal ID (free transit in South America).
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Permanent Residence 3 years 1 year 5 years With Citizenship
Citizenship 2 years 5 years 5 years 2 years (30 days/year)



The BEST from each Country

Visa Free Countries* 142 (UK, NZ, EU) 141 (USA, CA, UK, NZ, EU) 105 (EU) 120 (EU)
Unemployment Rate** 9.3% 5.1% 8.99% 6.00%
Income Per Person*** USD 20.499 USD 23.507 USD 12.518  USD 13.836 
Best Countries/Business Rank**** 99  36 56 57
Global Peace Index Rank***** 67 27 147 85

*  India 48 Saudi Arab 70 Egypt 51.
**  Saudi Arabia 11.5 Egypt 8.1.
***  India 6.187  China 14.340 Pakistan 4.909.
****  Best Countries to Make Business, Saudi Arabia 80 Russia 79 India 85 Egypt 103 Pakistan 104.
*****  Global Peace Index, UK 61 USA 103 India 141 Saudi Arabia 129 Pakistan 153.



Living Cost

1 Person Monthly USD 950 USD 810 USD 500 USD 650
4 Persons Monthly USD 2100 USD 1900 USD 1300 USD 1500
7 Days Hotel 2 Persons USD 390 USD 450 USD 250 USD 310
This living cost table implies the minimum amount of money you probably spend in these countries, of course there are many other more expensive posibilities, which also implies more confortable lifestyle and accomodations.


These are the most important documents any Consulate is going to ask you. Please consider that depending of you type of visa, each Consulate is going to ask you for SPECIAL DOCUMENTS, for example: Business Plan, Job Contract, School or University Acceptance, Monthly Income Certificate:


Application Form.
Recent colour passport size Photo with white background.
Valid original Passport, at least 6 months.
Proof of Income. To accredit economic solvency allowing to travel and finance the stay.
Notary Letter of Invitation authorized in Justice Minister and Foreing Issues Minister.
Airline Tickets (reservation ticket is ok).
Criminal Records (records from previous places of residence could be requested).
Medical Certificate (must indicate that you are fit to travel).
Hotel/Cruise Booking (reservation details).
Professional Degree or Studies (if necessary).
Notary Statement establishing that you will afford your family members expenses (if necessary).


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